What If You Had Invested in These 25 ICOs?

If you had purchased $1000 in each of these 25 ICO’s you’d be worth millions today. But if you had only analyzed Etheroll, the highest performing ICO on our list, you’d be forgiven if you called bullshit on the entire ICO scheme and skipped it altogether.

Etheroll is just a dice game after all!

The fact is, a lot of these companies are not going to make it. We’ve seen this movie before and many people have lost money.

Does this mean you shouldn’t invest in ICOs or that you should skip them until there are more regulations in place? Perhaps, it depends on your risk threshold.

Yet, I believe we are on the verge of a completely new business evolution and I don’t see this as a fad. Far from it.

The economic value most of the 25 companies above are providing is real. Real disintermediation, real cost-cutting, and real efficiency that can’t be provided by anything but a blockchain.

There are going to be thousands of winners… and losers!

Who do you think will go to the moon?

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