When we first launched your Decentralized TV YouTube Channel we believed that a small number of curious and passionate blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts could create an outsized impact on the growing market and ecosystem – we were pleased to discover that our original hypothesis was correct!

Since we launched, we’ve built a number of software products and applications, ultimately co-building with our community on a project called YEN, the first meta-exchange (“MEX”) which continues our mission to accelerate the growth and adoption of decentralized systems through awareness, education, and entertainment (i.e. fun!).

But there’s still so much left to do – we need your help!

Feel free to follow our project leads (@John, @Peter, @Su, @James), learn more about the organization via our handbook, and check out our weekly changelog where we share updates on our product roadmap and our design and development philosophy and methodology. We also have a Patreon for some of our more ardent supporters (you all are the best!).

The future is decentralized – our job is to help equip, empower, and prepare our world for this imminent conclusion.